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RFID tag reading and writing testing equipment
RFID tag reading and writing testing equipment
A device suitable for RFID tag detection and code writing. The servo system controls the speed of the equipment and the auxiliary shaft rewinding and unwinding. The UHF reader is used to detect and write codes to meet customer needs.


Performance and advantages:

1. Equipment operating speed 300pcs/min;

2. The width of the equipment is less than or equal to 200mm, which can meet the needs of most products;

3. The material pulling axis and the retracting material axis are controlled by a servo system to meet the requirements of precision and tension;

4. The inkjet demand for defective products can be expanded, and inkjet can be marked on defective products;

5. Extendable appearance inspection requirements, through visual system for appearance inspection;

6. Scalable high-frequency detection and coding requirements;