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2020-07-28 15:15:00

Alcohol anti-counterfeiting traceability solution

1、 Programme background
For some well-known wine companies, fake wine and goods always happen from time to time. For these wine companies, the emergence of fake wine will not only affect their reputation, but also have a certain impact on sales; the occurrence of fleeing goods increases their supervision difficulty. At the present stage, many wine companies do not take good measures in the anti-counterfeiting of liquor, such as the traditional laser anti-counterfeiting, code anti-counterfeiting, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting and other means. These anti-counterfeiting means are easy to be imitated by the manufacturers. With these anti-counterfeiting measures adopted by the enterprises, these illegal elements can make and sell fake liquor.
As people pay more and more attention to food safety, the state has also issued relevant laws on food anti-counterfeiting and traceability. When the anti-counterfeiting Traceability Technology is more applied to the field of food safety, consumers can buy authentic products more confidently in the future.
In view of the current situation of anti-counterfeiting and traceability of wine enterprises, Shengma technology has created an anti-counterfeiting traceability scheme based on RFID technology for liquor enterprises. Each bottle of wine has a unique "ID card" - RFID electronic tag, which can record the whole process of production, storage, sales, delivery and final use of consumers. Finally, consumers can check the authenticity of the wine through RFID handheld terminal or inquiry machine, and can also know the whole circulation information of this bottle of wine from the distillery into their own hands.
2、 Scheme introduction
The developed RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system is a new generation of Internet of things anti-counterfeiting traceability service platform integrating cloud computing, cloud storage, RFID and mobile Internet. Shengma technology's RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system is mainly composed of five parts: RFID electronic tag, RFID card issuing device, data center, RFID scanning gun, RFID handheld terminal or RFID direct inquiry machine.
1. RFID electronic tags, each tag has a globally unique chip serial number, which cannot be copied. RFID electronic tag is pasted on the bottle cover to prevent transfer and destroy after use;
2. RFID card issuing device: customers of liquor enterprises log in the PC terminal operation background, connect the RFID card issuing device, and write the wine related information into the RFID electronic tag;
3. The data center stores all kinds of product information, and can read the product information in the RFID electronic tag when the authenticity of the product is directly inquired through the RFID handheld terminal or direct inquiry machine;
4. RFID scanning gun: when the wine is packaged and put into storage, the RFID scanning gun can scan the wine and upload the circulation information to the data center;
5. RFID handheld terminal or RFID direct inquiry machine, consumers can directly test the authenticity of wine through these two devices, and can obtain the circulation information of this bottle of wine after it comes out of the distillery.
Flow chart of RFID anti counterfeiting traceability system:
3、 Program advantages
1. The uniqueness of RFID tag. Each RFID electronic tag provided by shenban technology has a unique serial number in the world, and the information written into the tag adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, and the tag information cannot be copied. In addition, the RFID electronic tag adopts fragile material to ensure that the tag can not be transferred;
2. The RFID electronic tag has a long reading distance, and the reading distance is as high as 10m when the products are scanned with RFID scanning gun; 3. The information of multiple RFID electronic tags can be read at one time, which improves the efficiency of wine storage information entry;
4. RFID tag can carry rich information. In addition to verifying the authenticity of the wine, it can also read other relevant information of the wine, such as the information of the wine enterprise, production date, origin, specification, circulation information, etc.
4、 Programme value
1. The RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system provided for wine enterprises adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, so that counterfeiters have no place to copy, which can effectively protect the intellectual property rights and brand construction of wine enterprises;
2. The RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability solution provided for wine enterprises can not only solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting for wine enterprises, but also upload the whole circulation information of wine to the data center, which can effectively prevent the fleeing of goods;
3. By combining RFID technology with anti-counterfeiting traceability and mobile Internet, it provides consumers with a new anti-counterfeiting inquiry experience and obtains more secure anti-counterfeiting information. Advanced RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability technology can better protect the rights and interests of consumers, so that they can buy authentic products more confidently.
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