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2020-07-28 15:24:00

Yangzhou Jiuyuan Electronics

Yangzhou Jiuyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiuyuan Electronics) was established on September 13, 2016. Taiwan Jiuyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. plans a total investment of 100 million US dollars to build a modern production line with an annual output of 5 billion RFID products. One of the emerging strategic industries is the "Internet of Things" industry.
The factory area of Jiuyuan Electronics is nearly 14,800 square meters, and 100 modern production lines will be built. Since its establishment, Jiuyuan Electronics has focused on the manufacture of RFIDInlays and tags, and has provided manufacturing services to many top international RFID customers. The company is committed to building the world's leading RFID packaging technology and packaging capacity, and hopes to become a world-class professional RFID manufacturing service provider. It is expected that after three years of formal operation, the company will occupy more than 20% of the global label market, and will become the world's largest RFID production plant by then.